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Ultra-Modern Technology Occupational Dosimetry Monitors

Instadose + Dosimeters

instadose dosimeter

Instadose+ dosimeters use Bluetooth® low energy technology to transmit data to linked smart phones (both Apple and Android), tablets, PCs (via USB reader), or instaLink™ hotspots. Its main attractions are immediate high dose notifications and increased productivity due to the elimination of the badge collection process.

Instadose 1 Dosimeters

radcom instadose dosimeter

Instadose 1 whole body dosimeters can be plugged directly into your computer! Employers can use this ability to more easily comply with new Joint Commission requirements, track recent exposures, assist in radiation monitoring and/or reporting per state regulations, or use with radiation exposure inspections and/or audits. Instadose 1 substantially saves time by eliminating the need to collect and return badges for processing. Your radiation workers can find out their exposure anytime rather than waiting weeks or months for an exposure report. Contact us to get started!


Radcom Associates, Inc. also offers other options for use as area monitors and for use in nuclear medicine departments. Call (972) 222-9984 or email us to get started! (Please indicate the quantity of badges needed when you inquire.)